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by David Davis on January 1, 2008

Recently, articles from Happy Router.com and David Davis were mentioned on some of the major websites. It is always exciting to be quoted and linked by the “big boys”.
Here are two stories that were quoted and linked. Perhaps you will find them as interesting as the major websites did:

1) David’s VMware Virtualization Articles

Quoted by: VMware’s VMTN Community Blog as being a “nice overview” of VMware Server 3i, VCB, and ESX Server

Remember, if you are interested in VMware Virtualization, checkout my VMware Server/Workstation video or my VMware ESX Server video series!

2) David’s article on Vyatta open-source Routers –
How do Vyatta’s open source routers stack up to Cisco?

Article Discussed by Brad Reese on the Network World Cisco Subnet Blog

Remember, if you are interested in Cisco Routers, checkout our Cisco Video Training Series!

3) David’s article entitled:
Imagestream – Linux Router taking on the Giant

Article Discussed by the Network World Cisco Subnet Blog, at “Another Linux router maker guns for Cisco

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