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by David Davis on January 1, 2008

Recently, I demoed a new free software application called “PacketTrap“. I was very impressed with their offering and I would recommend it. Today, they are launching their free open public beta. I encourage you to check it out.

If anyone asks, tell them that sent you 🙂

Here is their Beta release document for your information…


PacketTrap Unveils Public Beta of Free pt360 Network Management Tool Suite Software Solution Includes Unique Centralized Dashboard that Provides Reporting, Diagnostic and Open Source Support.

November 27, 2007 – San Francisco, Calif. –

Establishing a new standard for network management solutions, PacketTrap Networks ( today unveiled the beta version of its new pt360 Tool Suite, which features a unique and differentiated centralized dashboard that gives network engineers the ability to run network reporting, diagnostic and monitoring from a single intuitive interface.

The free pt360 has many essential elements required to prevent network failures and improve productivity, including virtual server and monitoring, integrated WMI and SNMP tools, and a robust TFTP server application. The tool suite also integrates Nagios, MRTG, Cacti, and other open source products into its dashboard.

Previously available to only a limited number of users, the latest version of the free network management tool
suite is now available at as well as on the CNET site, and other freeware sites.

PacketTrap spent more than 8,000 hours researching and developing the pt360, and gathered feedback from the network management community before and during development to ensure the solution was effective and efficient. At the core of
the pt360 is ptDashboard, an intuitive interface that empowers network engineers with dataflow capabilities that are unmatched in the network management industry.

Because information is automatically passed between tools in use, it allows network engineers to diagnose problems exponentially easier and faster than using dissimilar point tools. The ptDashboard also provides users with clear visibility into the network, delivering reassuring insight into possible hardware, software and application failures. The solution is perfect for organizations with 250-5000 end points and makes the ultimate statement in simplicity.

“PacketTrap redefines what network engineers can do from a network management perspective and makes a public statement that using disparate point tools are a thing of the past,” said Steve Goodman, PacketTrap’s Chief Executive Officer. “PacketTrap’s pt360 was built to make life easier for network engineers and allows them to pinpoint network problems with a single click instead of opening tool after tool after tool. For the first time, network engineers get a robust dashboard integrated with the diagnostics tools they use everyday.”

“What’s great about the pt360 is that the dashboard lets me integrate my favorite open source tools, like Nagios and MRTG, with PacketTrap’s network diagnostic tools,” said Michael Bruss, Manager of Information Services from
Builders Protection Group. “For me, its coffee, email and then pt360 because my dashboard gives me a quick run-down on what’s going on in my network so I know what tasks to prioritize.”

Key benefits of the pt360 include:

  • Integrated Network Management – ptDashboard provides centralized, real time monitoring and a suite of diagnostic tools for your network.
  • Virtualization Support – Support for the leading vendors in virtualization including VMware
  • SaaS Support – Real time monitoring of applications such as
  • Data Flow – capability to coordinate and flow results between tools for rapid diagnostics and effective management
  • Open source support – pt360 Tool Suite offers integration with browser based open source networking tools such as Nagios, Cacti, Wireshark, MRTG, Zenoss and OpenNMS
  • Reliable Simplicity – pt360 Tool Suite includes the quick launch home page which provides one-click access to all key areas of the tool suite.

About PacketTrap Networks:

PacketTrap Networks provides affordable enterprise-class network management solutions that allow network engineers to manage their networks from a single, centralized dashboard.

The ptDashboard incorporates a proprietary suite of network tools to give users a graphical, global view of the IT environment for easy network monitoring and network diagnostics. It includes time-saving reporting and dataflow capabilities that are unmatched in the industry and also supports browser-based open source tools.

More information can be found at

For more information contact: Anna Yen

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brian 05.02.12 at 3:11 pm

Here’s a free one I use everyday: Pinkie.
It does ping, traceroute, dns, bulk dns, tftp, portscan, pingsweep…

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