Understand the OSI model to become a better Cisco troubleshooter

by David Davis on June 27, 2008

While the OSI Model may seen like some useless & arcane topic that you only study to get your CCNA, I believe it is very valuable in understanding how networks work and how to troubleshoot them. In one of my most recent articles, I cover the OSI model and explain how you can use it to better troubleshoot your Cisco network.

To read the full article, visit:  Understand the OSI model to become a better Cisco troubleshooter

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tango 10.02.08 at 10:13 am

thanx for this info it does help a lot to use OSI.
Can you recommend any books that include Layer by Layer Troubleshooting

maureen 05.13.10 at 8:11 pm

H i David,
Thank God for what u are doing helping people like us to learn good stuff from ur site.Thank u so much.Could u pls help me with some materials and name of books to prepare me for windows server 2008 network infrastucture 642 exams (mcts) and window server 2008 active directory 640 exams.

pls can u put up step by step guide on how to configure cisco router,install,troubleshoot on ur site.

vinayak 02.16.11 at 9:41 am

Dear sir,
I read you osi artical is very good and easy to understand for begining level thanku very much for giving information . Send me lan in that how to give specific ip add for computer


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