The 15 BEST Network Administrator / Cisco Network Management Utilities – EVER

by David Davis on August 15, 2007

I sat down and tried to make a list of, what I considered to
be, the 15 best network management utilities that I had ever seen. Here is that
list. What do you think? Post your comments on our website!

1. Top 100 Security Tools

2. Switch Inspector

3. PRTG – Free bandwidth graphing application for Windows

4. Boson GetPass, Cisco Password Decoder, and Cisco Password Cracker – all Cisco Level 7 Password Decryption Tools

5. Cain and Able Security Audit

5.5. Train Signal Video CBT training

But wait, there are 10 more to go…..

6. Kiwi Syslog
FREE syslog server

7. Kiwi CatTools
– configuration management / change tracking

8. TFTP Server

9. IOS Configuration Editor

10. IP Chicken – what is my IP?

11. Bandwidth Gauge – test
your bandwidth speed

12. Tera Term
– terminal emulation program

13. Boson’s Free Utils

14. Nagios, Cacti, and
OpenNMS – all free network performance graphing and network

15. SecureCRT &
Putty free SSH – great SSH clients

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