Microsoft Virtual Server Cloning

by David Davis on January 9, 2007

With Microsoft Virtual Server, you can easily clone your virtual machines to have a new Virtual server up and running in minutes. I learned how in this video series, on Microsoft Virtualization!

If you are going to do this frequently, you should create a syspreped copy of Windows. However, for a periodic clone, you can do the following:

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If you clone a VM one time, you should do the following:
? Shut down the Virtual machine you want to clone.
? Copy the entire directory for the virtual machine to another directory and rename associated folders & files.
? Change the configuration for the VMC to point to the right VHD.
? Change the computer name
? If you are using static IP addresses, change the IP address
? Change the SID. To do this, use newsid.exe

For the best training on how to perform every task you need to perform using MS Virtual Server/PC, checkout this video series on Microsoft Virtualization!


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