Download a free VMware Performance Monitoring tool – VM Monitor

by David Davis on October 17, 2008

SolarWinds free VM Monitor makes it easy to quickly check the health of your VMware ESX server by monitoring CPU, memory utilization, virtual machine status. The Petri IT Knowledgebase has recently made this tool available to all site visitors. To download your free VM Monitor tool, just visit: Monitor VMware ESX Server Performance for free – VM Monitor

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Laith 10.18.08 at 5:05 pm

Hi David,

I would like first to congratulate you for this wonderful blog.

Thanks a lot for this tool, it is what I was looking for.


HealthCareIT 10.22.08 at 12:57 am

SolarWinds and PacketTrap seems to have the best tools on the market with AdventNet third. Really good and not very expensive. Those companies should all get together, they’d own the market.

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